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Don't Lose Sight of Your #2020Vision! Here's How to Keep Moving

It’s completely understandable if you’ve been having trouble keeping track of the days lately! But try to think back to a few months ago when there was so much excitement about jumping in to a new decade with hope and determination. Everyone was abuzz about their “2020 vision.”

The year has started off in a way that none of us anticipated, which has surely caused a shift in our plans. Nonetheless, we’re in the second quarter, and in the midst of this new normal, we have to do the best we can to stay the course.

Now is a great time to refresh, refocus, and rebound! You can still bring your vision to life. Here’s how to get back on track:

Assess your current situation.

Figure out where you are right now. Are you mentally, physically, and financially able to pour into something new? If not, what would you need in order to have the time and energy to work on your vision? Set yourself up for success by clearing any barriers prior to diving in.

Develop or revise your plan.

Create a roadmap. Whether you’re dusting off your old plan or starting from scratch, it is essential to outline goals, activities, and milestones. Although you need some flexibility, you shouldn’t make things up as you go. You can’t guess your way to your vision. It takes deliberate planning and action, so write it down and track your progress.

Go slow.

Yes, these are your 2020 goals, but don’t feel pressured to complete everything this calendar year. It’s perfectly fine to tweak your plan--adding, changing, or eliminating things along the way. You should frequently assess where you are and adjust accordingly. Prioritize your goals, and pull back or pause when you need a break. This is your unique journey—move at your own pace. The most important thing is to keep going and stay focused on the big picture.

Be resourceful.

There are tons of tools to keep you organized and productive. For example, you can download apps for scheduling, note taking, financial planning, social media management, and much more. There’s even an app to help you overcome procrastination! If tech doesn’t work for you, try hiring a virtual assistant, which is surprisingly affordable. If you are starting a business or need to communicate with clients, take advantage of email management programs such as our favorite, Flodesk. In addition, find a trusted friend or colleague to serve as an accountability partner.

Celebrate your wins.

Don’t wait until you’ve accomplished your big goal to celebrate. Recognize the smaller achievements as they come. Maybe you crushed an important item on your to-do list, or you finished your business plan. Even revamping your LinkedIn profile or making new partnerships are worthy of a pat on the back. Those incremental victories will carry you all the way to your vision.

Keep things simple, be consistent, and take care of yourself. As always, if you need help, get in touch.


For more strategies on implementing your vision, check out our CEO's interview with Glambitious Magazine!

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